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Friction BBS

--[This page is way under construction. Please bare with me, I have just started coding on Friction BBS as of 04-22-98.]--

Friction BBS is a new BBS system comming to a sysop near you. It is the re-birth of the Pipeline system, only this time, it will be more of today by using JAM, Squish, and Hudson message bases, a fully-featured spelling checker, built-in fully customizable fullscreen message editor, complete door dropfile formats for all compatibility, more advanced lightbar system and languages, and much much more.
You can find Eric Renfro (Aka: Psi-Jack) on SysopNet IRC in #Friction or #BBS.
The alpha team is: dfury, E_Maus, MGandhi, and fatalvis.
--[Please stay tuned for more information.]--

Eric Renfro

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